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“Each tinted fragment sparkles in the sun; a thousand Colours, but the light is One” – Jami (15th century Persian poet)

Welcome to the world’s leading digital resource for interfaith and intercultural education.

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Welcome to Interfaith Explorers! It’s a great free digital learning resource – supported by and delivered through UNESCO, The Commonwealth and The Prince’s Trust – which helps pupils understand the world around them as well as respect cultural and religious diversity.

Designed to compliment RE and PSHE teaching, alongside Global Citizenship Education (GCED), it offers teachers a bank of high quality cross-curricula resources to use with pupils at Key Stage 2 and those embarking on their Key Stage 3 transition (primary and early secondary school education).

Mapped to National Curriculum requirements and Sustainable Development Goal 4.7, Interfaith Explorers is a fantastic resource to enrich your school’s curriculum and can be delivered as a six-week unit or in parts throughout the academic year.

What's Included


  • Practical and comprehensive educational resource
  • Full and flexible teaching programme which is easy to implement
  • Supports core personal and social skills development such as problem solving
  • Robust pedagogy which promotes self-directed exploratory learninge
  • Applicability for international contexts
  • Easy-to-use curriculum maps that help teachers worldwide plan the most effective way of using the resource with their pupils


  • Supports the delivery of PSHE, Global Citizenship and aligns with SDG 4.7
  • Practical activities that promote universal core values including responsibility, integrity and compassion
  • Supports the development of ethical thinking
  • Can be used in international learning environments


  • 100s of fun videos and images for pupils to explore
  • Helps pupils to become self-directed, exploratory and immersive learners
  • Designed for primary and early secondary school pupils


  • Interfaith Explorers Teacher workshops delivered in schools physically and virtually worldwide
  • Practical advice and guidance to aid effective delivery of Social, Moral, Cultural and Spiritual (SMCS) development
  • Training videos to support the delivery of Interfaith Explorers
  • Webinars with experts for advice and insight on topical educational issues relating to interfaith and intercultural education


  • Download UNESCO endorsed Certificates of Recognition for your school and pupils who complete the Interfaith Explorers challenge!
  • Highlight your school’s commitment to promoting intercultural dialogue and respect
  • Rewards pupils who have achieved status as an Interfaith Explore


  • Become an Interfaith Explorer Hub School
  • Become a Teacher Ambassador
  • Get early access to new Interfaith Explorers resources
  • Contribute to the development of educational and teaching innovations